Running, Eating, and Traveling in Napa/Sonoma, California

I went to Napa and Sonoma for my friend B.’s 30th birthday and couldn’t have enjoy it more! It was a beautiful day in the 70’s to do my long run (10 miles in 2 hours). I left from the house B. was staying in Sonoma and with the help of Google Maps and I found the bike trail downtown, passing some missions, the city hall and lots of wineries.

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For some wine tasting we went to Arrowood in Glenn Ellen. Our wines were paired with cheeses and spreads that complemented each other so well! Dinner was at The Girl and the Fig, one of the restaurants I had ran by earlier when I was downtown. Because of my 10 miles, I splurged on a juicy steak.

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In Napa it was all about visiting my friend V. who lives there. She is an amazing cook and had made “empadão“, a Brazilian chicken pie. Amazing! Then she rode with me to Tahoe to go to M.’s baby shower, another Brazilian friend. Busy weekend of celebrations!

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