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When we first started looking at getting married in 2015, I started going crazy: there is so much to do and it’s so expensive! But now that we are looking into 2016, I am finally able to enjoy all the wedding planning. I have been to two Bridal Fairs and several venues with the fiance. Take a look at what I have found so far: Tannenbaum on Mt. Rose, Corner Barn in Graeagle, The Grove near our house,  Wild River Grille Restaurant in Reno, Nevada Museum of Art, Cargo at Whitney Peak Hotel, The Loft at Somersett. I even took a look at a place in Napa: Wedgewood, which is by a golf course. What is it going to be?? Small wedding at a park? Big reception hall in Reno? Destination wedding in Napa? Glad I have time to decide! In the meantime, I will keep taking advantage of all the tastings 🙂

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2 thoughts on “More: Wedding Planning

  1. Wow! Was looking for pics of Tannenbaum, clicked on an image link and found your site!!! Crazy small world 🙂 Guess I will have to take over the wedding planning crown. Paris looked amazing!

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