More: Fall 2015

Fall 2015 was a crazy time – lots of changes at my job meant extra-long hours with a new Music Club I am advising, and even the fiancé had to help with my Computer class! I also finally finished my Yoga Teacher Training Certification in October and although I learned I like taking yoga classes more than teaching them, I can say the training helped me more spiritually than I ever thought possible. Another chore I had to tend to this past fall was wedding planning. Yes, chore because I hate shopping! So many decisions to make! I finally picked a dress, but by the end of the year I still didn’t feel good about the venue… The fiancé was also busy practicing with his new improv group “The Utility Players”, but was a trooper helping me out with everything.

As they say: work hard, play hard. In the fall I did another Sip and Paint night, went to the Reno Philharmonic, watched the musical Mary Poppins, did more art projects with my Little Sister, was Katniss from the “Hunger Games” for Halloween, and threw a birthday party for Slick and Parker. They are 11 years old now! The fiancé and I also celebrated our second anniversary with a stay in Genoa, Nevada. David Walley’s resort and restaurant is a favorite of ours.

Traveling, Eating, and More: Santa Cruz, CA

On Labor Day Weekend we attended a lovely wedding in the Santa Cruz area. My friend J. married A. at the Quail Hollow Ranch in Felton, CA, and thank goodness the fiancé and I scored an Airbnb rental very close to the venue – we were seated with J.’s uncle who had brought tequila to share with the table.

The next day we went to Santa Cruz and walked around the boardwalk. It was a perfect summer day to be kids again! I really enjoyed our seaside ride while the fiancé loved the arcade. On our way back to Reno, the fiancé had his last gluten and dairy meal before his elimination diet: a bison burger at “Burger Me”.

Eating: Coxinha de Galinha

Summer 2015 was all about eating out, but I did try to make a few things in my kitchen, especially since I had gotten the fiancé a brand new fryer. Knowing my gluten days were near an end, I decided to make a Brazilian staple called “Coxinha de Galinha”, which is like a chicken croquette. So delicious! I made so many I had enough to share with an international group dinner I went to. Here’s is one of my last gluten-full meals of 2015!

Coxinha de Galinha

Coxinha de Galinha


Coxinha de Galinha – Brazilian Chicken Croquettes

Ingredients for the Filling

1.5 lbs chicken, boiled, shredded

3 tbsp. olive oil

2 onions, chopped

3 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 small can tomato paste

½ cup parsley, chopped

Salt and pepper

The filling

The filling

Ingredients for the dough

2.5 cups chicken broth

1 cube chicken bouillon

2.5 cups flour

Water or Milk for coating

Breadcrumbs for coating

Peanut Oil for frying

The dough

The dough


Once chicken is cooked in water, save the chicken water for the dough. Shred the chicken and reserve.  Saute onion in a large pan with the olive oil. Add garlic and all the filling ingredients, together with the chicken. Cook until hot and reserve.

For the dough, bring 2.5 cups of the chicken broth to a boil and dissolve the chicken bouillon cube in it. Slowly add flour, stirring constantly until it forms a dough. Keep kneading until smooth.

Before frying

Before frying

To make the coxinha, take a golf size ball of dough and form a disk. To the middle of the disk, add a tablespoon of chicken filling. Close the dough, making a teardrop shape. To coat your coxinha, quickly drop it in cold water or cold milk, and then roll it on the breadcrumbs (or you can use an egg wash, but at the time the fiancé couldn’t have eggs.)

New fryer

New fryer

After you make all your coxinhas, it’s time to fry them. I used peanut oil and fried them at 350 F until they were golden brown. Serve warm! They also freeze really well!

After frying

After frying

Eating and More: The Fiancé’s Birthday 2015

It was a week-long celebration for the fiancé that involved a lot of eating, knowing that after Labor Day he would start an elimination diet. We had brunch at Arrowcreek Country Club, a place we were considering for our wedding, and dinner at The Depot with many of his friends. We also went o Red Lobster, his favorite chain restaurant, and participated in a puzzle room that was super fun for the fiancé, but really annoying to me since I couldn’t figure anything out.

Running, Eating, and Traveling: Summer 2015

Yes, I know. Summer 2016 is just around the corner, but I’m still talking about Summer 2015! It was a great one, so that’s why I have been behind on my posts… it seems I was always busy running, eating, traveling, and eating again.

I actually had a list of restaurants to try, but didn’t make through all of them. Here are a few though:

Great Full Gardens – again. Always healthy salads available. Love their rewards program too.

Laughing Planet – again. Another healthy favorite.

Hummus Fresh – with B. and a surprise visit from my friend K. They have salads, wraps, and juices.

Suite 103 – great food (tofu green curry, lamb shank, Mediterranean shrimp), lots of hiccups with service, but food was amazing.

Z Bar – My favorite 1944 Mai Tai (rum and orgeat syrup).

Centro – again. They were out of some items… Awesome waffle bananas foster.

Reno Provisions – meatloaf and polenta again. Can’t go wrong. (Unfortunately, they closed in the fall…)

Jus – juice bar. Great on a hot summer day after a run.

The Depot – okay food, okay service, nothing to rave about. The building, however, is pretty cool.

Villa Donato – great Italian food, but service was horrible.

Sushi Pier 1 – buy 10 get 1 free. Love all you can eat!

Moo Dang – good Thai place in Midtown, but there are better ones.

Café Deluxe – amazing café with lots of healthy options.

Asiago’s – new pizza place in Tahoe. Awesome Greek salad with mint dressing.

Latin Soul – this Lakeside Inn restaurant in Tahoe has an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse night!

With all the food, I had to keep active, but sometimes it was too hot to run, so, instead, I went to the beach in Lake Tahoe, on hikes on Mount Rose and Tunnel Creek, to the river with the dogs, and even swimming at the public pool. Plus, got to try acro yoga again with the fiancé.

Although after I came back from Ireland and Texas, there wasn’t much traveling for a while, we did have a lot of fun in Tahoe and Reno. Fourth of July was spent barbecuing with friends and watching the fireworks in my neighborhood. I went to an Elton John concert in Tahoe, and did many outings with my Little Sister such as to the Rib Cook-Off, Art Museum, Circus shows, etc.

Other summer adventures included making candles, going to a Paint and Sip night that inspired me to paint even more, celebrating birthdays with friends, the annual Shakespeare Festival in Sand Harbor, and a rope’s course in Tahoe with work!

Traveling: Houston, Texas

This past summer I also spent time with my friend S. and my goddaughter E. in Houston, Texas. So much fun to hang out with a (well-behaved) toddler! Lots of eating (great gourmet places!), swimming (it’s hot in July!), and museum fun (so much fun, it’s worth to be a member!). And since toddlers can also be exhausting, we also had a spa day 🙂

Running, Eating, and Traveling: Belfast, Ireland

The last stop of my summer vacation was Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. However, summer doesn’t really mean nice weather in island of Ireland. Most days it was cold and rainy, but I went on a jog anyway. I went by the City Hall, the many sculptures and building near River Lagan, and the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

A very cosmopolitan city, Belfast has great nightlife, with an Opera House, and many pubs with live music, like the famous Crown Bar. By the end of my trip, I had found my favorite drink: Jameson with Ginger ale. However, still looking for good Irish food…

Belfast was also part of the Troubles, so we took a “black cab tour” to see the neighborhoods affected and the many political murals. There was also a peace wall where people still write messages of hope.

Lastly, I went to the Titanic Museum, since Belfast was where the infamous ship was built. It is a state-of- the-art museum with interactive exhibits and lots of information about the shipyard and the sinking. Highly recommended!

Traveling: Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-A-Rede, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland also has some beautiful scenery, so much so that HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is filmed there. We saw Dunlunce Castle, apparently known in the show as the House of Greyjoy, and Dark Hedges, a beautiful avenue of trees known in the show as King’s Road.

Perhaps my favorite part of Northern Ireland was the World Heritage Site Giant’s Causeway. Legend says the giant Fionn McCool built a bridge to Scotland that then got destroyed by another giant who was afraid of him. Now the basalt rocks are perfectly geometric, forming columns that disappear into the ocean. Spectacular to think of how perfect nature can be!

Built by salmon fishermen and now a tourist spot, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge was much less scary than it looks, even though it was 98 feet high. It was not as wobbly as I thought it would be and attendants kept things moving, so you can cross the bridge in the blink of an eye. When you get to the other side, the view from the island is still lovely, even though it’s overcrowded with tourists!

Carrick-a-Rede Bridge

Carrick-a-Rede Bridge