More: Spring and Easter 2016

Spring was great as always, but when you combine regular warmer weather activities with wedding prep, it was way too busy. I mean, I had to take pictures of D. trying on almost 20 different tuxes!

We had some fun at a Monsters and Men concert, my 1 year yoga reunion, an Aces Baseball game, and a couple of toddler birthday parties. It was also my Little Sister’s first communion and, since I am now a member of a country club, we took a few golf lessons.

Easter started with a brunch at Arrowcreek Country Club, of course, but ended with our traditional Brazilian-Polish Easter dinner at home, with bacalhau (Portuguese baked cod) and Easter soup (Polish white borscht).

Spring was also a bittersweet time because I said goodbye to my job of 8 years as a full-time teacher at a charter school. I am so grateful I was able to help students all these years, but it is time for me to focus on a new part of my life. I enjoyed every minute of my last month at the school: my last art museum field trip, my last graduation ceremony, and my first and last music club talent show, which was a huge success.



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