Running: Antarctica Marathon Training in January

I started marathon training very late in the game, with just 2 months to go, and the first couple of weeks were not easy. For the past few months I had this annoying pain on my right hip that just wouldn’t go away. I took x-rays and nothing… I went to the chiropractor and nothing… After a few weeks though, the pain has subsided and I am happy to say I have been able to train in January with no missing days. Well, it’s kind of a stretch to call my outings a run: 12 minute/miles. When did I become so slow??? But I feel that at this point I just need to take it easy so I don’t get an injury for training too hard. I’m not too concerned about my time as long as accomplish my goal.

Damonte Ranch Run

Damonte Ranch Run

The weather has been perfect for me: warm and dry. Perfect even for hikes in Galena and jogs in Tahoe since there hasn’t been any snow. However, since it’s still too dark after I get off work, I have been doing most of my short runs at the gym.

I am up to a 10-mile long run now. I feel good I would be able to complete a half-marathon in Antarctica, but is a full marathon still too big of a stretch?



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