Marathon Training – Week 10

What a great first week of spring! Loving this March weather we got. Besides running, I have been doing some spring cleaning for the boyfriend and cooking a bit. I made an awesome Coconut Shrimp Curry with cabbage the other day, but I’m too tired to post the recipe here since this week I did over 35 miles!

I also added a new workout (besides my 3 short runs, my weekend long run, and my 2 yoga classes.) There is a new CrossFit place in Midtown and they offered a free one-month membership for the people who went to their Grand Opening. I hate group workout classes so I know I won’t go to many of them, but I wanted to at least give it a try. Good thing I did it on Wednesday, after 2 of my short runs, because for the next two days I couldn’t move. I was only able to do my long run after I got a massage on Saturday. It was by far the most challenging run so far. The first 8 miles were easy and fast, but I hit the wall on mile 9 and was almost giving up. It was hot, I had a stomachache, and I started asking myself why I was training for a marathon anyway. Around mile 13 I got my second wind for another couple of miles, but by mile 16 I was out of water and miserable again. All I wanted to do was lay on the pavement and go to sleep. Finally completed my 18 miles in 3h40 (12 min/mile). It’s great I didn’t give up, but I’m concerned I won’t be able to finish the marathon in 5 hours at this pace.

One thought on “Marathon Training – Week 10

  1. You just killed me with that picture of the coconut shrimp, I’m starving!
    We all have bad runs, I had almost 2 weeks of horrible runs, quit most of them. You’ll be fine for the marathon.

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