Eating: Crepe N’ Roll

Last week  I used some Groupons to try a few new places: Hussong’s Mexican Cantina and Crepe N’Roll. There was nothing special about the meal at Hussong’s (the original restaurant in Mexico is the birthplace of the maragarita), but it was a great place to go inside the Silver Legacy Casino before heading to the Lady Antebellum concert (which was awesome BTW).  However, the crepe place is something to rave about. It serves crepes Japanese style, which is even better than regular French ones. Who knew! For atmosphere, I’ll still go to La Crema, but if I’m craving a fast and filling crepe, I’ll definitely go back to Crepe N’Roll. Good thing I still have two more Groupons to use there.

5 thoughts on “Eating: Crepe N’ Roll

    • Mine had tuna, spinach, cheese, and pesto. I usually go for the savory ones. The boyfriend’s had ice cream in it. Both very good, especially because of the thicker dough and the way they roll it up like a wrap so you can take it on the go.

  1. Some of the best crepes that I have had were in Laos. The small stalls on the street offered a variety of types to choose from- at super cheap prices! Did you try any out there when we were in Asia? The one right outside our hotel in Vang Vieng was awesome!

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