Marathon Training – Week 11

I just love daylight savings time! Now when I get off work, I can go home and still fit in a nice run before it gets dark. This past week I felt so good with temperatures in the low 70’s and flowers blooming, that I decided to change my training and do 16 miles on Saturday instead of my scheduled 10. A few months ago, when I was talking with the organizer of a race here in Reno, he said if you can do 16 miles, you are physically fit for a marathon, because the last 10 miles are just a mental challenge. Well, I’m glad to say I can do 16 miles without any problems (except that my GPS stopped working on mile 7 and I’m not sure of my exact miles… I went longer, so I probably did close to 17 miles)! So I signed up for the Downtown River Run marathon here in Reno on April 13th, which was actually my original marathon date. I’ll try to run as much as I can that day and if I complete the race in under 5 hours, then I’m done and can relax and get my life back, but if I don’t complete it, then I’ll continue training for the marathon in San Diego in June.

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 11

  1. I cannot wait for daylight savings. We still gotta wait 2 weeks in here.
    No doubt you’ll be ready for the Reno marathon

  2. Oi filha, acabei de ver as fotos e o texto . Que bom que a primavera ja esta desabrochando e que tens treinado muito. Beijos da mami.

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