Marathon Training – Week 9

Monday: basic training at the CrossFit place next to yoga. The workout went faster than last week’s, but I still don’t like how they push us. The result: my right knee started to hurt.

Tuesday: met my friend T. at the lower Galena Creek trail. 1.5 miles uphill. Horrible. 1.5 miles downhill. Much better. I know hills are important, but I really can’t stand them. 2 hours later: my right knee was really hurting.

Wednesday: had to rest. Grr…

Thursday: had to rest again. Grr…

Friday: had to rest again. Triple grr… Now I missed 3 days of training! How am I going to complete my 20 miles tomorrow???

Saturday: after 3 days, my knee was finally better and I was excited to run, except when I checked the weather it was cold and windy… Four hours later I’m still on the couch, thinking of every single reason not to run. Finally, I tell the boyfriend I was going on a quick one. 4 hours later: I had done over 20 miles!!! To celebrate, I went dancing for 4 hours with some girlfriends.

Sunday: felt great! Still got a massage, just in case 😉

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