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Halloween is my least favorite holiday, mainly because orange is my least favorite color, but I’ve come a long way from hating it to tolerating it and actually participating in it. This year I dressed up as a pumpkin (well, I had an orange sweater on and a green hat) for the school dance, and as Black Widow from the “Avengers” (well, just a black outfit with a reddish wig) to go out in Tahoe. I first stopped at a friend’s house where no one ate the Halloween pumpkin pie I made (good for me – lots of delicious caramel-like gooey left overs), and then we went to Peak Nightclub inside Harrah’s. Hilarious fact:  Flavor Flav was the MC.

Unfortunately I wasn’t home for the trick or treaters, but my Dad said more than 20 kids showed up between 6:30 and 7:30, and he almost ran out of candy.

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