Eating in Reno. Again.

I completely gave up on cooking dinner at this point. I just don’t have time to go grocery shopping, prep, cook, clean… Even though going to restaurants are still time consuming, at least they know what they’re doing so the food is always good. Here are a few of the restaurants my dad and I tried:

Chuy’s Mexican Kitchen: they looked super busy, but the food came fast and the owner made you feel welcomed. Gosh, there are so many new restaurants in the Midtown area!

The Gas Lamp: yes, this is fine dining with a piano player and everything, but we went with yoga clothes on, and I was so hungry I didn’t care. Actually, not a good restaurant to go if you’re hungry because they don’t serve bread, nor soup or salad with your meal, plus, the portions are pretty small. Nevertheless, they have the best tilapia ever.

Crème Cafe: this place is only open for breakfast and lunch, but I bet I’ll be returning every week. It has one of those European cafes feel so next time I’ll be bringing a book to have with my coffee. (I don’t even like coffee but I’ll order one anyway because they serve it in a French press!) Oh yeah: they serve amazingly light crepes. (Have I talked about Sup, their sister restaurant?)

Harrah’s “Carvings” Buffet: I just love brunch buffets where I can have mimosas, French toast, sushi, and prime rib all at the same time. Their bananas foster is to die for. If you’re a local, you get 50%. C’mon, it can’t get any better for only $7.

Lulou’s: another fine dining restaurant in Reno – don’t go there if you don’t like to spend money. The entrees start at $38. I definitely splurged ordering a cocktail, wine, a crab skillet appetizer, entrees (short ribs for Dad and an Italian style ahi tuna for me – both divine), and a chocolate tart dessert. The $200 dinner was definitely worth it (easy to say when your dad is footing the bill.) At the end of the meal I had a couple of suggestions for the owner Coleen about the service and introduced myself as a “food blogger”. LOL

We also had venison at a friend’s house. Can’t believe I don’t have any pictures of it. It was so good!

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