Travelling in New York City

Come on, you know I need to take a trip far away every couple of months to keep my sanity. I didn’t think I would be able to go anywhere for a while after the Australia/New Zealand super duper expensive trip, but dad came to the rescued and treated me to a weekend in NYC for my goddaughter’s baptism. I’ve been to this city probably between 10-20 times and I can’t get enough. My friend S. booked us a great hotel right in front of Penn Station so it was easy to get around. The trains to/from the airport are easy, fast, and cheap. 7th Avenue is also a walkable distance to the Brooklyn Bridge (well, if you like to walk like me…), Times Square, and Central Park.

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Besides walking the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, which I talked about on my running post earlier on (and I repeat: best views of Manhattan ever) and going to Central Park again, we also went to the National 9/11 Memorial. It was the 12th anniversary of 9/11 just a couple of days ago and I have so many ties to NYC that it was a bit emotional, but they did a really good job with the two square pools that have the name of all 3,000+ victims of the attack. Although it is free to enter, you do have to pick up a ticket at the preview site (book online to avoid an extra line). The rest of the site is still under construction, but it’s still worth to take a look. A couple of the new towers (they are building 7 total) are really pretty and impressive. Seeing them on the NYC skyline is actually healing. They fit perfectly. The 1WTC building is actually the tallest one in the Western Hemisphere at this moment.

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I can’t go to NY and not see a Broadway show. One of my favorite movies is “Once”. Its song “Falling Slowly” won an Oscar a few years ago. In 2012 they made it into a Broadway musical and it even won a Tony for Best Musical of the year. It wasn’t a super production and the story is lame, but the music is awesome! It felt more like a concert than a play and the guy performer’s voice was incredible. Even my dad liked it.

On Sunday I took the train to Long Island for my goddaughter’s baptism. Not impressed with LI. Too suburban. My little goddaughter on the other hand: ADORABLE. I’m spoiling her already with clothes, jewelry and even a Bible. Maybe she can read it and tell me all about it one day.

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Finally, I just had to take my dad to the Empire State Building. One of my Top 3 favorite movies is “Sleepless in Seattle” where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet at the top of the Empire State Building. It is actually the only movie I can quote: “It’s like magic”, Tom Hanks saying when he describes falling in love with his late wife. I had been there a few times before, but, every time, I had to wait on a 2-hour line to get to the top. Thanks to my dad, we woke up early and made it there before 9 am. Plus, it was cloudy. The result: no lines and only a dozen people up there.

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After a totally free weekend doing the three things I love the most (thanks dad and S.!) I had some money to spare, so my last stop right before my flight to Reno was at H&M for some fall shopping. Ah, what a great trip!

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