Eating in New York City

When I think of NYC, I think of Italian food, pizza, and cheesecake, so of course I had tons of those. My friend S. met my dad and I at an Italian Restaurant called Biricchino near 7th Avenue. I swear I’ve only had pasta once in the past six months, so I went all out in New York, while my dad had the stuffed trout. He’s doing so good eating healthy! Me, not so much this weekend… I had cheesecake for dessert every single night I was there.

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I was also impressed with the cupcakes by Baked by Melissa. They are moist and tiny, which is great since I can try a bunch of different flavors this way.

Just under the Brooklyn Bridge there is a super famous place called Grimaldi’s that has always a huge line. Having enough time to spare and knowing my dad is game for anything, I decided to try it. It actually only took us 20 minutes to get a table and it was worth the wait: the sun-dried tomatoes and ricotta cheese pizza was spectacular. Once at the hotel, I looked up the pizzeria and found out there is one in Reno, and that I had been there a couple of times! Oh well, still worth the wait.

As you know, I just love the diversity of cities, especially when it comes to food, so guess what I found in NYC? Australian meat pies! I wasn’t really hungry that night, but I had to try at least their mini-pies and they were as good as the ones from my summer in Australia. We need to get a Pie Face store in Reno!

Another chain we need in town is the Europa Café. They have a great variety of breakfast items and a make-your-own-salad bar. All the calories are on the board and their cheesecake had only 400 of them :p But seriously, their salad is to die for (or was it my salad, since I created it?)

"Europa Café" Salad

“Europa Café” Salad

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