Half-Marathon Training – Week 6

This week at work we got Fitbits to track our steps. It’s been fun to try to reach the minimum of 10,000 steps a day. I basically found out that’s what I walk at any given day anyway. Sometimes before I go to bed I’m only a few steps away from my goal, so I just walk to the kitchen and back to get some water. On the weekend I even reached 20,000 steps because of my long run, which was a 6-mile one.

Not only busy life, but also weather was in the way of my runs this week. One day I had to go at night, but that wasn’t a problem because it was a beautiful full moon. Then for my long run, I had to go in the rain… At least there were some faint rainbows along the way. It even snowed here on the last day of summer! My 6-mile run was a breeze this week, but the shorter ones were killing me. I think I was just trying to go too fast, keeping the pace I used in NYC, but 9-minute miles are still out of reach for me in high altitude.

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