Running: Spring 2015

After Antarctica, I actually took a few weeks off and didn’t exercise at all. But with all the eating going on, I had to get back into it and it has been pretty enjoyable. I started with 2-3 miles at a time and now I’m up to 6-7 miles at a time, running 4-5 days a week. That’s an average of 25 miles each week and I’m so proud of myself! Of course having summer’s off as a teacher helps a lot: I’m able to walk the dogs every day, go on my runs in the evening when the weather is cooler and I even got back to yoga classes and my yoga course, which included a Sanskrit workshop with Shanti Shanti.

Besides running on the trails by my house, I have been going to the Truckee river downtown and when it’s too hot in Reno I drive to Tahoe to enjoy a cooler run and the beach. One day I even took the dogs on a 6 mile walk/run by the beach, but the next day Parker couldn’t even walk. I have been taking them on 3 miles max now. Hopefully I’ll do more hikes with them, like the one to Mt. Rose waterfall. The weather has been a little too hot for my taste, but I’m not complaining about the sun and the beautiful clouds. Better hot than rainy (well, better for me at least, not for the drought in CA/NV…)

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