Eating in Antarctica

Life after Antarctica has been pretty busy, so I have lots of updating to do to this blog, but I wanted to post one last thing about our trip. When you think of Antarctica, you probably don’t think of food at all, but One Ocean Expeditions did a great job catering to us.

Everyday there was a dinner with soup, a salad bar, three options for entrees, and a dessert. The funniest thing was the line for the salad: all those healthy runners couldn’t wait to eat their carrots! The fiancé and I hate lines, so we just stayed at our table with more soup and more bread. The staff was really accommodating towards the fiancé’s food allergies and even made him special desserts without eggs.

Some of the days we had a buffet and the day after the race we joined another boat and had a barbecue outside in 30 degree weather.  I also heard the breakfast buffet was awesome, but I never woke up early enough to get there 😉

Each lunch/dinner we sat at a different table to get to know our fellow travelers. There were people from all over the world: Australians, French, Russians, and, of course, lots of Americans. There were couples in their 70’s, families with their teenage kids, a group of friends who take vacations together without their wives every year, people travelling alone, and all sorts of people.

Besides good food, the Vavilov had good drinks. The bar was upstairs and had an amazing view, so that’s where most people would be after each excursion. They even served an afternoon tea with cookies that turned into Happy Hour. The fiancé and I weren’t drinking before the race, but after we completed our run we celebrated with a bottle of champagne. The next day there was an auction for a few of the race items, such as the mile markers and we sipped more drinks while that was going on.

The best part was when the fiancé and another guy got an ice block out of the ocean. The bartender cut it into smaller ice cubes and made drinks with it. Whiskey on the rocks – but with really really old rocks!

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