Running: Training for Antarctica

Antarctica is just around the corner and I am ready! This past month of training went really well and I am very excited. Although most of February was nice, warm and full of perfect days for runs and hikes, we had a few snow showers and very windy days too.


Even though I wasn’t going to train with very long runs due to starting my training really late in the game, I was able to do a long run of 20 miles this past weekend! I did it in 4h35, which is very slow, but I’m very happy with my accomplishment since I had an upset stomach and it was cold and raining. The next day my feet were really sore, but a massage helped 😉

It was also a busy month of promoting the fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters: several radio and TV interviews occupied my time. Click here to see the one from News 4 and click here to see the live interview from Fox 11. I had a lot of fun talking about Antarctica and BBBS. If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, please go to:

Interview with Reno Morning News

Interview with Reno Morning News




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