More: Oscar Party 2015

Another glam night! The fiance is getting sick of my parties: he thought that when I said I like to dress up I meant in costumes, not in fancy clothes 🙂 But we all looked so good!

I was actually able to watch all of the Best Picture nominated movies this year, plus a few extra ones, such as “Wild” and “Fifty Shades of Grey”. In the past few weeks, if I wasn’t running, I was watching a movie.

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We had almost 20 people at our Oscar party and it was a blast again: good food, good drinks, good people. Neil Patrick Harris was an awesome host and this year we ended up watching most of the broadcast. Like last year, we had a red carpet and prizes for best dressed male/female and most correct picks. Good job G. who bought her dress at “Salvation Army” and F. who wore a tux!

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