Marathon Training – Week 19 (Again)

I don’t know if you remember this, but for Week 19 of my first attempt of training for a marathon, I did ZERO miles. I am proud to say this past week I did all of the 23 miles I was supposed to!

It started with a marina run with the boyfriend. He hasn’t jogged in months, and then he goes with me and does 2 miles in less than 20 minutes… I guess I should use that to my advantage and go a little faster than my 11 min/miles. The weather has been so nice (50’s) that I couldn’t wait to go on my weekend runs. So much fun!

As for my eating habits, they were good during the weekdays. I made parmesan-crusted tilapia and spaghetti squash with chard. Delicious and healthy! Can’t say I kept the momentum going over the weekend… had chips, chocolate chip cookies, tons of sushi, chipped beef with gravy, steak, and lots of drinks while bar hopping in Midtown. BTW, I found a new favorite cocktail at Z Bar: a 1944, which is the original Mai Tai with 3 kinds of rum and orgeat (almond simple syrup).

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