Marathon Training – Week 19

For Week 19 I was supposed to do 23 miles. How many did I actually run? ZERO. Yes, you read it right: 0. I am so mad at myself, but at the same time I don’t know how it could’ve been different. We got tons of snow last week, making it hazardous to run outside. I actually tried going to Iddlewild Park, but it was pure ice. Plus, I was also sick, which made it impossible to even walk with all this cold air. The highest temperature was probably 20 degrees this past week, so on Saturday I pretty much just stayed home and did nothing. Literally. I usually do an average of 25,000 steps on a Saturday, but this past one I got less than 500! My eating habits continued to suffer too: Olive Garden, Panda Express, Little Caesar Pizza, a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies… How can I get the strength to go on with this marathon training when I am so ready for winter to be over? Wait, winter hasn’t even started yet! I need a new plan…

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 19

  1. You were letting your muscles rest and heal from your blisteringly fast half marathon. It is supposed to warm up soon, so the snow should melt. If not, cross train, cross train, cross train! You’ll be fine. I’m sure NO ONE actually makes it through a whole 20 week plan without missing some training days.

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