More Eating with Dad

My dad is going back to Brazil, so this past week we had to take advantage of the little time he has left here. Here are the places we’ve tried:

Miguel’s – Mexican Restaurant. Reasonable prices. Really good chips and salsa.

Briscola – Italian restaurant inside the Grand Sierra Casino. Warm artichoke dip – Yum.

Romanza – Fine dining restaurant inside the Peppermill. I really have to stop going to nice places in yoga clothes, but casino restaurants are so tacky I didn’t feel that bad… Great garlic soup and date/pumpkin cake.

Bowl – local, organic, fresh food. Menu changes often. Order at the counter and sit anywhere in the West Street Market area. Duck confit was amazing. Can’t wait to go back to try everything else.

Z Pie – I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this place yet. Every time I miss my Australia/New Zealand pot pies, I can just buy a Z pie and it’s close to perfection.

Olive Garden – So I asked my Dad which dish he had liked the most out of the 50+ restaurants we’ve tried in the past 3 months, and he said “the salad at Olive Garden”! Well, I don’t blame him: I had an entire bowl by myself, plus ravioli and pumpkin cheesecake.

Thai Nakorn – This place is in South Lake Tahoe and has a new name now, but the food and the service are still the same as before. We had the Pad Thai, the pumpkin curry, and the mango curry. I swear Thai food is better in the US than in Thailand itself.

Friday’s Station – Another restaurant in South Lake Tahoe (fine dining – entrées start at $46), this time on the top floor of Harrah’s. Still got VIP treatment, with a nice window table for the sunset and a plate of oysters prepared three different ways sent by the chef. Oh, and I did dress up for this one!

My house – I made my Dad’s favorite dish for his last weekend in town: bacalhau. He loved it 🙂 BTW, even with all this eating, my dad was able to lose 12 lbs while he was here. As for me, I’m just happy I didn’t gain any!

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