Traveling: Apple Hill, California

Two hours away from Reno, is a little piece of heaven called Apple Hill, near Placerville, California. We went there on Nevada Day and every place had a deal going on for Nevada residents.

At Kids Inc. we got apple crumble and apple cheesecake. They also had an amazing chicken pot pie. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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At Boa Vista Orchards you get to pick your own apples straight from the tree or you can buy any apple product at their market.

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My dad really enjoyed the apple part of Apple Hill, but what I really cared about was the wine tasting. We first went to Lava Cap, a winery that also has a gourmet restaurant, and then we walked to Madroña where they were doing cheese pairings as well.

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Although the wineries are year-round, the apple picking only happens in October, so be prepared to deal with long lines and lack of parking, but the combination of lovely weather, delicious food, and good wine is well worth the day trip.

3 thoughts on “Traveling: Apple Hill, California

  1. Filha, que lugar lindo! Me deu até água na boca com essas delícias. Na minha próxima viagem tambem quero ir lá e tomar vinho. Com esse cardápio todo seu pai deve passar do 100 anos. A foto da maçã sózinha está linda. E voces tambem. Beijos pra voces.

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