Traveling in Reno, Tahoe, and Genoa

All our travels this week were in the area, but we stayed in a hotel in Genoa for the weekend and traveled from there. I’ve been staying at the 1862 David Walley’s Resort for years and it’s always a relaxing time. Genoa is the first town in Nevada, dating from 1851. There’s pretty much one street and the Nevada’s oldest post office, Nevada’s oldest bar, Nevada’s oldest blah blah blah. It’s cute, but you can see everything in 5 minutes. The resort, though, is super nice, and has 7 different thermal pools with mineral water in the lower 100’s. Most of the hot pools are too hot for me, so while my dad enjoyed them and made some new friends, I sunbathed by the pool. Glad I did, because the next day, it snowed.

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So fall weather is officially here and the changing colors of the leaves have been beautiful. I took my dad to Hope Valley, on Hwy 88, to see the fall foliage before it started snowing for real. It’s always lovely to walk around the cabins at Sorensen’s Resort to see the bright yellow Aspen trees. Nearby, my dad got to play with some fresh snow too! (And just to remind you: it’s the beginning of October and the day before I was sunbathing by the pool.)

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From Hope Valley, we drove around the lake so I could show him my usual Lake Tahoe hot spots: Camp Richardson, Emerald Bay, and Tahoe City. Stunning as always.

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Just as I did when my host sister K. came for a visit, I also took my dad for a hike to the waterfall at Mt. Rose. This time though, the waterfall was even more spectacular because half of it was frozen.

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