Eating in Reno, Tahoe, and Genoa

Last Monday I made an awesome meal with gluten free pasta and butternut squash, but cooking is still such an ordeal for me that we ate out the rest of week. We went to tons of good places and now that I’m writing about them and looking at the pictures, I’m actually disgusted at how much I ate this past week. But everything was so delicious…

I’ve been meaning to write about “The Seed Café” for a while because it’s one of my favorite places in Reno. It’s right below the place I do yoga (same owner), so I eat there a couple of times a week. They serve raw organic vegan food. That’s right: nothing there has been cooked. I’m always so impressed with their dishes: the falafel and their “chili” are amazing. Just don’t take the name of their dishes too seriously: their pizza is not really a pizza, and their lasagna is far from a lasagna as the “noodles” are made from zucchini and the “cheese” is from cashews. Personally, I think they can call their dishes whatever they want because no matter what, the taste is always great.

So last year I went to India with my friend S. and after that trip I could not look at any Indian food without feeling it would give me diarrhea, but I’m finally cured because I was able to go to “India Kabab and Curry” this week. My opinion of Indian food hasn’t changed: all the dishes taste the same and are so spicy that after a couple of bites I can’t taste anything anymore. As with the real India, the lassi (yogurt drink) saved me. Gosh, I could have 10 of them right now!

The 1862 Restaurant at the David Walley’s Resort  in Genoa is one of the best kept secrets in the Reno/Tahoe area. Hands down, their steak is the juiciest and reminds me of how meat tastes back in Brazil. They also have a three course prix-fixe menu for $35 that is well worth it, but of course my dad and I added a fourth course. Thank goodness we were staying at the resort and I didn’t have to drive that night, because I went into a food coma afterwards.

The next day we went to “19 Kitchen”, on the 19th floor of Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. I worked there for 5 years, watching the sunset every weekend, but I still get excited about eating there. First of all, I always feel like a VIP because everybody knows me and stops by to say “hi”, but most importantly, as far as fine dining goes, the food there is still the best. I had the wild boar in a fig and cinnamon sauce, while my dad had the always wonderful sea bass with lobster and shrimp risotto. Have to get back up there soon for another sunset before my dad leaves.

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