Traveling: Virginia City, NV

This past weekend we took the steam train from Carson City to Virginia City on the V&T Railroad. As with everything in Virginia City, they do a great job customizing all the details so you feel like you have just done some time travel to the wild wild west in the late 1800’s. The landscape is pure Nevadan with mines, silver ores, sage brushes, and wild horses, but the 1.5 hour ride was a little too long considering if I had driven it would have taken only 20 minutes.

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Once in Virginia City, we walked thru the saloons, gambled a dollar or two, and took an underground mine tour, but the real highlight was the Outhouse Races. Yup, toilets on wheels. Only in Nevada… Actually, if you do some research you’ll find that they also do this in Iowa, Arkansas, etc., and that people travel the country to race the outhouses they built and customized. The best part are their names like the “Party Poopers” and the the “Pot Rod”. While we were watching it, someone asked my friend K. to help them push one of the outhouses for the race, so he even got to participate. It was hilarious!

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