Reno/Tahoe with Dad – Part 1

Gotta love Reno/Tahoe: there is so much to do around here. Last weekend my dad and I went to the Rib Cook-Off. This weekend is was time for the Great Reno Balloon Race. We woke up at 6 am to go to Rancho San Rafael for the sunrise. There my dad marveled at the hundreds of balloons being prepped on the ground before the 7 am mass launch that filled the skies with color. Definitely a must-do in Reno.

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If you live in this area, you know that after Labor Day the weather can be a hit or miss, so I’ve been trying to enjoy Lake Tahoe as much as I can. My go-to place is always Nevada Beach. The 1 mile walk from the parking lot at Kahle Drive thru the meadows gets Slick ready to enjoy the sand and it’s never crowded. My dad swam in the cold water while I caught up with friends and played with the dogs. Summer, please don’t go away yet.

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