Sodo – South Downtown Restaurant

Dad at the Nevada Museum of Art

Dad at the Nevada Museum of Art

After a recommendation from the receptionist at the Nevada Museum of Art, my dad and I went to Hill Street for a bite of eat at Sodo, which stands for “South Downtown”. Although from the outside I thought it would be a more casual bar/restaurant, the inside is pretty fancy and the food is pretty gourmet, with a nice wine list and some vegan and vegetarian options.



None of the entrees caught my attention, so I had a couple of appetizers instead. The spinach and strawberry balsamic scallops were regular. I think it was missing something heavier for a sauce… Or maybe I just really miss the way the last restaurant I worked at did their scallops. However, the tempura shrimp with the wasabi sauce was divine. Wanted to order a second portion, but decided to save room for dessert.

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Glad I did, because the brownie was crazy good. It had a pretzel crust on the bottom and salted caramel on top. Yum! I think I even dreamt about it later that night.



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