Half-Marathon Training – Week 1

Slick was my running buddy today!

Slick was my running buddy today!

I signed up for the Rock-N-Roll Las Vegas Marathon on November 17th 2013, but let’s be real, it is August 17th today and I haven’t started training. Three months is just not enough time to train for a marathon (18-20 weeks would be ideal…), and since my dad will be living with me for the next three months as well, I just didn’t think it was fair to him if I was living and breathing marathon training while he’s visiting me, so I decided to adjust my goal and train for a Half-Marathon instead.

I am following a 14-week plan from the magazine “Women’s Running”. When I first looked at it, it just seemed too easy: this week I was just supposed to run 3 miles and walk for about 2 miles the rest of the days, but as the week developed, I learned that was just what I needed. After 10 weeks of vacation, it was hard to get back to work. I was so tired I could barely move, but I did walk to the beach in Tahoe after work a couple of times and today I ran my 3.25 miles in 35 minutes. It felt so good! But 3 miles was enough as my legs started to hurt. I think I’ll stick to this 14-week plan for the Half-Marathon and leave the marathon training for next year when I’m turning the big 3-0.

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