Christchurch, New Zealand

Between 2010 and 2012 Christchurch had several huge earthquakes that destroyed the whole city center. They are still rebuilding it, but most of the city is just a bunch of parking lots and construction sites. The Re:Start area is full of shipping containers transformed into stores, bringing a little bit of life to the area.

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I walked thru the botanical gardens (I love that NZ is full of them!) and went to the Canterbury Museum, but the best attraction in town is the Antarctic Centre, which was the perfect way to end my trip to New Zealand.

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Christchurch is the main hub for those going to Antarctica and the museum has plenty of information about the continent. They have little penguins swimming around and a room where you can experience below 0 temperatures and a wind storm. Pretty cool, especially when that’s the only continent I still have to go to. Now I feel a little closer to completing my 7-continent list.

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