Peach Smoothie

Growing up, my mom would make me a smoothie every morning and take it to my bed, where I would drink it half asleep. Then I would go back to bed and sleep until lunch time. Call me lazy and spoiled, but I am just not a morning person, and my mom was just trying to get me some nutrients before noon. Fast forward 15 years later and I still have smoothies pretty much every morning, although I have to get up a whole 5 minutes before I’m supposed to just to make them. Maybe I am a little lazy, because the best thing about smoothies is that I don’t even have to chew anything that early in the morning.

Last week I got a basket of organic fruits and vegetables, and I was in smoothie heaven. My favorite was a Peach Smoothie:

  • Fresh-squeezed juice of one orange (about ¾ cup)
  • ½ cup of almond milk
  • Lowfat strawberry yogurt (4 oz. container)
  • ½  banana
  • 1 peach

Blended it all in for one large delicious glass of only 300 calories.

Peach Smoothie

Peach Smoothie

My first race ever

Let me start by telling you how I got to run my first 5k. After I finished my Couch to 5k challenge, I continued to run 2-3 miles on a treadmill. The first time I reached a full 5k (3.1 miles) was on May 19th 2011 (yes, I remember the exact date) when I had to sub for the Physical Education teacher at my school. I took the students to the gym and to pass my time I started jogging on the treadmill. It took me almost 40 minutes and it was very hard, but so exciting! The weather was getting better and I started to run outside.  I even inspired a couple of friends to jog with me as well. Right around my birthday though, on May 27th, I had my first running injury: a stress fracture on my 5th metatarsal (pinky toe bone). I wasn’t supposed to run again for 3 weeks… Although it was disappointing, I was kind of proud of my first running battle wound. That summer I went to Peru and I was able to fit in some jogging time while sightseeing and studying. Wow, fitness was slowly becoming a priority!

In the October of 2011 I signed up for my first 5k: a Susan G. Komen race to benefit breast cancer research. It was the same race I walked a year before and where I had heard about the Couch to 5k program for the first time. As you might know, I hate waking up early; so on the day of the race, I arrived at the spot 20 minutes late, just as the first runners were crossing the finishing line. I did it anyway, late and all! It took me 31 minutes according to my watch, but the announcer didn’t know I had started later than everybody else, so I heard him saying “… and one of our last 5k runners just crossed the finished line.” Since my official time was actually 54 minutes, I don’t really consider this my first official 5k race, but just a training one. I’ll tell you about my real “official” first 5k (you know, the one I actually made it on time) in another post.

My first race ever - 5k in 31 minutes. - Minha primeira corrida - October 2011

My first race ever – 5k in 31 minutes. – Minha primeira corrida – October 2011

If you’re wondering why…

A couple of years ago (2010) I started a blog called My Couch to 5K Challenge to help me get motivated to start running. The feedback from my friends/readers really worked and kept me going throughout the program, but I’ve never updated the blog after I reached my 5k goal. Here’s what happened since then: I finished my first 5k, then my first 10k, and then my first half marathon! I guess I can say I’m a runner now, and it’s such a big part of my life that most of the time I make plans around my running schedule. I am planning on running a marathon soon, but this thought still scares me, so I decided to write this blog about my marathon training to keep me motivated to achieve this goal. Thanks in advance for your support!

If you know a little bit a me, you probably know I absolutely love to travel, and I am not happy unless I have my next trip all planned out. Last year I wrote a travel journal by e-mail to my friends and family. Apparently, my travels and pictures are quite interesting and my adventures were a hit, but now, instead of sending e-mails, I’ll just post my writing and pictures to this blog. I’ll start with a post about my last trip soon, but expect lots of posts in July while I’m in Australia and New Zealand. If you want, you can click on the “Follow” button below to get updates on your e-mail every time I post something new.

Finally, the eating part: I’ve always loved going out to eat, but lately I’ve been trying to cook as well. It all started when I bought a house last year and decided I had to start using my fancy kitchen. My experiments with organic food, healthy eating, and not so healthy desserts have been quite successful and instead of sharing my recipes by e-mail like I was doing, I will just make them part of this blog. Please be advised that my love of eating is so strong that many recipes are good only by my standards. If you are an experienced cook, I’m sure you will find many flaws with them, so feel free to modify them to your taste, adding more salt, garlic, or whatever you thing they may need.

Even though I am getting out of my comfort zone and posting personal information throughout this blog, I still don’t have Facebook. If you want to contact me, please do so by e-mailing me or thru the contact form below.

Thank you so much for reading!