Eating, Traveling, and More: Christmas 2015

Busy season as always! We went to a bunch of Christmas celebrations, including my students’ Holiday play in Carson City, our Tahoe Christmas party at Soule Domain (a restaurant that didn’t know cream was dairy…), a holiday ornament day at the museum, and even an ugly sweater party.

Then we threw our annual Christmas celebration at our home in Reno for our friends. I loved my health Grinch snacks: green grapes, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows!

Lastly, we went to Philadelphia for Christmas with the future in-laws. While Reno was having a really cold and white Christmas, the East Coast was having a warm spell and it felt great! For the first time ever, I went to midnight mass and baked gluten-free Christmas cookies for the fiancé. We also had a great gluten-free/dairy-free dinner at The Melting Pot – they were even equipped with dairy-free chocolate for their fondue! We finished the celebrations in New Jersey with the fiancé’s friends, but only after helping out at the sister-in-law’s new house and getting a haircut from the mother-in-law.