Traveling and More: Brazil for my Brother’s Wedding

My brother A. and his wife K. got married about a year ago: October 24th, 2015. The fiancé and I took a quick weekend trip to witness the wedding: we flew for about 48 hours (round-trip) in order to be there for about 48 hours – but so worth it! We got to go to the civil ceremony, the wedding, and even a post-wedding barbecue. Congrats A. and K.!

While I had been planning a wedding for almost a year and was nowhere close to even finding a venue, K. and A. organized everything in less than 6 months. The fiancé and I were groomsman and bridesmaid, but in Brazil the bridal party is a little bit different: it includes as many friends and family members as possible (such as aunts and uncles as well) and we get to wear whatever we want! I was also super honored to do a reading for them about love and marriage: 1 Corinthias 13:4-8.

While the wedding was beautiful and the dance floor was booming, the fiancé had a hard time finding something to eat. In true Brazilian fashion, everything had butter and cheese in it. He had just finished his elimination diet (explained on the previous post) and found out he was allergic to both gluten and dairy… Although it was not hard to eat dairy free everywhere else (lots of rice, potatoes, meat, fish…), that was not the case at K. and A.’s wedding, so around midnight we had to leave so the fiancé could eat something across the street. Crisis averted and we were good to go until 4 am. The next day was time to say goodbye to everyone and visit my aunt’s grave for the first time 😦 Thank goodness for memories…

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