Eating: Dine The District 2015 and Spring Home Cooking

In May there was an event in downtown Reno called “Dine the District”. Basically you pay $20 and walk to 20 different restaurants downtown for a small sample. It was an awesome experience: food, drinks, nice weather, and walking. Some of the participating places were Pignic (a new “bring-your-own-food” bar where we had a Mint Julep since it was Kentucky Derby Day), Fuego (nice Spanish guitar), Noble Pie Pizza (best pizza and friendly service), and Crafted Palette (new wine and paint restaurant). Even the gay dance club Five Star Saloon joined the food event and served cheesecake pieces. At the end of the event there was a drawing and, guess what, the fiancé won a gift certificate for Reno Provisions!

Surprisingly, I have also cooked A LOT this spring. Lots of firsts for me: seared ahi, all bran muffins, raspberry muffins, vegan pancakes, Brazilian panqueca (crepes), Brazilian flan, scrambled eggs with cornstarch, chicken marsala, healthy turkey meatballs, baked French fries, croutons, bread pudding… I’ll be posting my favorite recipes soon! We also went to a couple of kid’s birthday parties and baby showers and had lots of cake. Man, do we eat!

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