Eating: “Laughing Planet”

Despite of what you might think based on the last two posts, I didn’t cooked much in January, but I did find a VERY GOOD new restaurant in Reno: “Laughing Planet“.

It’s in Midtown and I had been trying to go there for a while, but it always has a huge line during lunch time. I finally went there with the fiance this week and was really surprised. Although it’s a chain and you order the food at the counter, the place is very spacious and has super healthy food, much like “Great Full Gardens” a block up. It’s not pricey at all and they allow you to make any substitution or addition to your dish. I had a quinoa, broccoli, kale, and chicken bowl with chimichurri dressing: healthy and delicious. Such a great find!

Laughing Planet Bowl

Laughing Planet Bowl

Other restaurants we tried in January: Creme at its new location just across the street from where they were before (and now they have a few more items besides crepes), Asian Paradise, a Chinese place near our house (overpriced but accommodating), “Sierra Gold Casino” for a greasy breakfast, and then raw food at “The Seed” so I wouldn’t feel bad about eating at a casino the week before, and, finally, “Heritage“, a new Mark Estee restaurant inside the Whitney peak Hotel.

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