Eating: More Fall in Reno

Fall is over, but we had a lot of fun!

No wonder I’ve been gaining weight: I started going thru the pictures of some of the food of the last couple of months and there were lots of them! Let’s get started with some of the things I cooked: a tomato spinach pasta (recipe from the pasta box!), a gluten free pizza with turkey pepperoni, sauteed chuchu/chayote (the Brazilian squash the fiance loved), chicken stroganoff (Mom’s recipe with table cream), Shepherd’s pie (I made my own real mashed potatoes!), and Christmas cookies (MN family’s recipe). Fall was also a pumpkin pie festival: I made them with evaporated milk, condensed milk, and even cream cheese (the best!).

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As for restaurants, I continued going to my favorites (“Great Full Gardens“, “Brasserie St. James“, and “The Seed“), went to a few I had been before (paella at “Fuego“, “Midtown Eats” with B. and her friends, “Chez Louie“, which is inside the museum, etc.), and tried a few new ones. I’m sure there were even more places we ate at, but when my phone got stolen I lost a few pictures, such as the one from “Pho Restaurant“.

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I really liked the ambiance at “Coffeebar” which is a coffee shop that serves pastries, salads, and wine. For sushi we went to “Tha Joint” and “Ijji III“, both good. In the casinos we tried “Roxy’s” (not a big fan of casinos…) and downtown we had a drink and played jenga at “1864 Tavern“. My favorite new places are “Uncork’d” in Midtown for its outdoor dining and lots of wine choices, and “Paulie’s” for an amazing New York pizza.

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There were also a couple of fine dining spots we went to in December: for M.’s birthday we ate at “Johnny’s Ristorante Italiano“, where we had a family meal with eggplant parmesan and lots of pasta, and for our annual Tahoe Christmas Party we went to “Soule Domain” again (I have to remember to order the lamb again next year!).

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