More: We’re engaged!

I know, I know… Not much running lately, but I’ve been pretty busy with some other things happening in my life 😉 Don’t worry, there will be some running news soon.

We're engaged!

We’re engaged!

The boyfriend is now officially the fiance! We had an incredible anniversary together: we slept in, had pizza (my favorite food) for lunch, watched “The Hunger Games” movie at the exact day/time of last year’s “The Hunger Games” (our first date), shot some arrows (representing another “Hunger Games” movie – our second date), and went on a sunset hike to the top of Huffaker Hills, where he proposed after we watched some of the planes taking off against the Reno skyline.

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Our city

Our city

Later we had a celebration dinner at this awesome French restaurant by the river: “Beaujolais“. We had cocktails, wine, champagne, venison, stuffed rabbit, and much more.

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We are so excited!


So beautiful :)

So beautiful 🙂

2 thoughts on “More: We’re engaged!

  1. Dear friends!

    Congratulations to you both and all the best for the years to come![?][?][?]

    Eduardo and Ruth Marlene

    Eduardo A. Ladeira, Geólogo, Ph.D., Professor

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