30th Birthday Celebration – Part 3

So lucky my 30th birthday fell on a holiday weekend! I actually had my big party on the actual day, May 25th, which was a Sunday, and the boyfriend made me wait until then to open my presents! He did good: maps so I can pin where I/we’ve been and a trip to the coast filled with fun and food.

We also had a relaxing morning grabbing some coffee at The Hub and taking the dogs to the river downtown with my friend J. who came from the Bay Area for my b-day.

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In the afternoon we had a great party filled with wine, whiskey, raw vegan food, chocolate cake, friends, dogs, and gifts!

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Yes, you read correctly: raw vegan food. I ordered fake tacos, raw falafels, and mock tuna appetizers, plus chocolate truffles without sugar from The Seed. Everything was delicious, but I’m sure all the guys where confused about the lack of meat on a holiday.

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As party favors, I had M&M’s made with a picture of me on one side and “thank you” on the other. C’mon, you know you want your face on chocolate candy too!

M&M's Party Favors

M&M’s Party Favors


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