30th Birthday Celebration – Part 1

For years I was dreading turning 30. I used to flat out lie about my age: I turned 21 at least 3 times and I was 25 for 4 years in a row. Finally, in the past year I’ve matured enough and realized it is okay to be 30: I am a happy, healthy, and accomplished woman (homeowner, world traveler, marathon finisher… all check!) with lots of close friends and family. That’s a reason to celebrate! And that’s what I did for 4 days during Memorial Day Weekend.

Part 1 of birthday celebration involved going to South Lake Tahoe with the boyfriend and the dogs. When I moved to the area over 10 years ago, it was the beauty of the lake that made me stay. I don’t want to live in Tahoe anymore: too small, too much cold… but I am grateful to live close enough so I can go there anytime I need a pick me up. Just seeing the lake when I’m driving makes me relax and vow to enjoy life as much as possible.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

As you all know by now, I love to eat. Usually my go-to place for fine dining in Tahoe is “Edgewood”, but this year why not try something new? The boyfriend took me to “Jimmy’s at the Landing”, a new lakeside restaurant that opened six months ago. The menu is Modern Greek, which means no spanakopita or baklava, but lots of Greek flavors in their wood grilled dishes. We ended up ordering the 5 for $45 appetizer deal, 2 entrees, and a dessert, in addition to 2 drinks and a bottle of wine. Yup, that’s how we do a 30th birthday dinner!

30th Birthday Dinner

The appetizers were brought one at a time, which made me feel I was having a 7 course meal. By the time the entrees arrived, I was so full I didn’t care they were really small (the cauliflower dish was delicious, but tiny). A highlight of dinner was actually the mojito made with ouzo, but everything tasted so good, it brought back memories from my Greece trip 5 years ago with each bite.

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During dinner I also had a little surprise for the boyfriend. Since I just ran a marathon and was having a big birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot to showcase my healthy looking body. During dinner, I showed the pictures to the boyfriend and he almost fell off the chair. Nice to see I can still cause this reaction at 30!

9 thoughts on “30th Birthday Celebration – Part 1

  1. Parabens Lindona! Os 30 são muuuuito melhores que os 20. E espero que os 40 sejam melhores ainda, pois ano que vem to la. Bjao

  2. Sim vamos nos encontrar no final de semana, você já foi na Casa da Tia Vilza? Podemos se encontrar ou em casa.
    Já saiu para conhecer os lugares como: Ponta Negra, Teatro Amazonas, Encontro das águas, Novo Airão, Presidente Figueiredo tem várias cachoeiras lindas, INPA etc.

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