Post-Marathon Running Update

After the marathon, I took a break from running. A very long break. One month, to be exact. Since my right foot was hurting after the race, I went to the doctor and he advised me to take 4-6 weeks off, which at first I didn’t have any problem with, but I have to admit that when 4 weeks hit, I was itching to run again.

Mother's Day Jog with the Dogs

Mother’s Day Jog with the Dogs

The first time I tried, it was miserable. I took the dogs with me (it was Mother’s Day) and I couldn’t even complete a mile, but a few days later I decided to go on a night jog (it’s been too hot during the day) and I was able to do 5 miles non-stop. Now I’m back to running 3-6 miles 2-3 times a week, which is a very manageable amount of exercise. I have also added some personal training sessions a couple of times a week since I am still eating like a champ. Hopefully I won’t be looking too shabby this summer.

Full Moon Run

Full Moon Run

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