Traveling (and Eating): San Antonio, Texas

After our Easter brunch with my goddaughter E., the boyfriend and I went to San Antonio, a town 3 hours away from Houston. At first I was not impressed. With a large population and run-down buildings, the city didn’t seem as modern as Houston and I wasn’t sure it would have much to offer. That’s until we went down a flight of stairs to get to the River Walk. The downtown area has a river that meanders thru it, right below the surface streets. Alongside there are cute cafes and river boats giving a Venice like ambiance to the area. Unfortunately, the day we were there they were setting up for a river parade, so parts of the river sidewalk were closed, but we still got a chance to sit down and enjoy some fudge by the river.

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Another attraction in San Antonio is The Alamo, famous for a 13-day siege during the Texas Revolution in 1836. Now the site is a shrine with some information about the battle and a pretty garden. Best of all, it’s free, quick, and easy to explore.

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A mile or so from the river walk is Market Square and lots of authentic Mexican food and goodies. It was filled with music and fun and on our way there we also stopped at San Fernando Church (1738), one of the oldest cathedrals of the United States and where the remains of Davy Crockett are located.

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As for food, we went to a great Cuban restaurant by the river called “Ocho” at the Havana Hotel. The food was awesome (pozole, Cubano sandwich, mojitos, yum!), but service not so great – they didn’t want me to take any pictures inside! We had to talk to the manager to get it approved. A good find in San Antonio was the fried potato salad from Moses Rose’s Hideout: a cross between potato salad, French fries, and baked potato that could give you a heart attack on the spot.

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