Marathon Training – Week 8

The marathon in Reno is already this week, and I feel really good about being able to do the whole 26.2 miles, but this past weekend I got anxious when I saw the course map because I know I have a horrible sense of direction and I’m afraid I’ll get lost if the course is not very well marked. So this Saturday, the boyfriend drove me around from downtown, going thru Iddlewild Park, Mayberry Dr., 4th Street, Silva Ranch Rd., 3rd Street, all way to Crystal Peak Park, which is the turn around point. Then on Sunday he dropped me off at the park and I was able to do the whole 13.1 miles back to downtown in 2h25. I am feeling very confident with my training and the course now, but I’m still not sure about my 5-hour goal. There are quite a few hills near Crystal Peak Park! Nevertheless, I’m super excited for Sunday.

Other highlights of the week: my friend S.’s birthday dinner at “Slice of the Peak“, the “Up & Atom” fundraiser improv show the boyfriend did for my students’ trip to NY/DC, and spending all day painting shoes with my students.

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