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For years I’ve been trying to host an Oscar Party, but it never works out, so this time around I decided to post it as a meet-up and let strangers with similar interests (basically movies, dressing up, eating, and drinking) come. The result: best Oscar party ever! Well, we actually knew most of the people that came, and between that and making new friends, we never really watched the Oscars.


Out of 20 people, only one person didn’t dressed up. Everybody else looked AMAZING, especially the boyfriend, who wore a tux with a bow tie and studs to match my dress. Our friend D. won the style contest for best dressed female with her creative outfit, while V. won best dressed male with his formal Indian attire. Everybody also brought drinks and mostly homemade appetizers, which made it the easiest party to host. I will definitely try to make it an annual event from now on!

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One thought on “More: Oscar Party

  1. Bom dia filha! Acabei de ver as fotos e voces estao lindos! Quem sabe no proximo Oscar eu tambem faca parte desta linda festa. Beijos da mami.

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