Marathon Training – Week 15

Since I was going away for the weekend, I had to do most of my runs during a weekday. I also had to split a 5 mile run in half because I didn’t have time to do all of it in one day. In the end, it all worked out and I completed my miles! I got to go to different places each day, like Virginia Lake, the gym, and by the river in Carson with my friend T., and did my long run of 12 miles at night in my neighborhood. Glad to know I don’t have to rely on weekends for my workouts, but because I didn’t rest enough between jogs, my right hip continues to hurt a bit 😦

Carson Run

Carson Run

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 15

  1. Bom dia filha! Sei que a esta hora ainda estás sonhando, mas eu já estou na minha maratona doméstica e acabei de ver esta foto. Parabéns pelo seu esforço pra alcansar seu objetivo. Beijos e conte sempre comigo. Deus te abençoe!!

  2. My hip was killing this week too, I had to throw 2 workouts a day on Monday and Tuesday, I felt it everywhere.
    Hope you get to feel better soon.

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