Marathon Training – Week 16

I finally had a week where I felt my training was progressing and it all started with a treadmill: 4 miles in less than 40 minutes! The gym also paid off when I went to the marina with the boyfriend and did a 9 minute mile. Sweaty but hungry, we had dinner at Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen afterwards. When did I lose all my vanity and started going to restaurants wearing a hoody?

Fish at "Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen"

Fish at “Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen”

When the weekend came around, I was ready for my 10 mile run. I ran the first 5 with my friend T. and after she left I continued on along the river. The weather was a little depressing though: cloud and rainy. Tons of homeless people under the bridges were a little sad too, but I completed my long run feeling great. The last run of the week was at Virginia Lake, which was slow, but rewarding. I can’t believe that even with the rain I got to run outside 3 out of 4 times. Unfortunately, the next day my right hip was hurting and the annoying pain hasn’t gotten any better…. Maybe it’s because I had to skip yoga on Sunday to go to church? I hope the karma points will at least help my hip heal soon so I can run my 12 miles this week.

The most sun I saw all week

The most sun I saw all week

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