Eating and Traveling: Christmas in Minnesota (and Reno)

So sorry it’s been taking me so long to update this blog, but with the holidays and all, I needed a break from running and writing to be able to fit more eating and traveling. In order to be able to catch up on everything, I’ll try to keep it short. Pictures tell a better story anyway!

Minnesota Winter

Minnesota Winter

Minnesota was cold. Very cold. We had negative numbers for the low and single digits for the high. And that was even before the whole Arctic storm hit! The last day was nice though, and I could watch my host sister K. and my host nephew C. go cross-country skiing and make snowmen.

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The rest of my time in Minnesota involved relaxing, reading, playing with the niece and nephew, watching Christmas movies (oh, how I love “It’s a wonderful life”!), and eating. I love the Christmas traditions they have there, like decorating cookies, making lefse (Norwegian flatbread), and opening my stocking on Christmas morning! Christmas Eve at Grandma’s is also very special, especially with the kids opening presents from Santa.

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Christmas fun wasn’t over on the 25th. A couple of weeks later the boyfriend and I had our own little Christmas celebration with the dogs. Morning walk, gluten-free egg-free banana candied nut muffin (yes, yum! I should totally post this recipe one day!), bacalhau, my Brazilian lime pie, and a talent show where I sang “Santa Baby”. Plus, I got a glass door for my bathtub and a pre-Christmas dinner prepared by D. with baked brie and all sorts of goodies. I’m a lucky girl.

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