More: Slick’s 9th Birthday

Yup, I sent out invitations, had cupcakes and candles, and even party favors. Slick turned 9 years old on the 19th and since it was a Saturday, I just had to have a party for him. I invited only a fraction of the people I invited last year, and it was still huge. I bought some cheese at Wedge, cupcakes from Nothing Bundt Cake, but made everything else. I had hummus, roasted garlic, roasted potatoes, and a salad made with the produce from my organic basket delivery, and, of course, made pão de queijo and brigadeiro. I’m getting better at this party planning thing because this time it only took me 4 hours to prep, but my dad did help me by making an awesome fruit salad 🙂

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Since a lot of my friends just had babies, not many people were drinking, leaving me to finish all of the wine bottles I had opened. Later, my dad also made caipirinhas, and after that, well… I can only tell from the pictures. Apparently it involved being locked out of the house and using Slick’s doggy door to get back in, going to a Andrew W.K. concert (who the hell is he anyway?), and visiting many bars at the Midtown district (Chapel? Some dive bar on Wells?)

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