Eating in Queenstown, New Zealand

I’ve been trying the meat pies and the fish and chips everywhere I go, but New Zealand had been pretty uneventful in terms of eating until I got to Queenstown. My first stop was the buffet at the Skyline Restaurant. You have to take a gondola up there and the view of the city is incredible. I tried everything in the buffet, from scallops to venison. The New Zealand lamb and the kumara (a type of sweet potato) were pretty good, but of course, my favorite was dessert: sticky date muffin with butterscotch sauce.

The next day I had to have sticky date muffin again, this time at a café on Beach Street, accompanied by mulled wine. Hmmm, I love warm spiced wine in the winter! I also have to give props to the chai latte in NZ. Creamy and delicious. I had one at the Cardrona Ski Resort while talking to a lawyer from Christchurch and his son, an architect from Wellington. Kiwis are so friendly!

Apparently the best place to eat in Queenstown is at Fergburger. They are open 24/7 and at any time there is a line (especially at 4 am when everybody is getting out of the clubs!) The burgers are huge, but super good.

My best find though was a little restaurant called “The Cow” on Cow Lane. I kind of stumbled upon it since it’s in a hidden lane and had to wait 30 minutes for a table. While the food was average, the ambiance was excellent. We sat next to a couple from Christchurch who shared their garlic bread with us. Again, Kiwis are extremely friendly! When I asked them if they had been to the US, they replied: “We love the US! Well, except Reno.” Lol. I kept quiet and just said I was from the Tahoe area 🙂

For such a resort touristy town prices were not too bad. The nightlife was pretty good and you can get $3 shots anywhere.

My tour mates at Winnie's Pizza

My tour mates at Winnie’s Pizza

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