Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, New Zealand

In the Southern Alps we visited two of the most famous glaciers in New Zealand. Each is at least 12 kilometers long (7 miles) and the ice pretty much descends from the mountains all the way down to the rainforest. First we walked to the Franz Josef Glacier thru a beautiful trail and then up to Sentinel Rock to get a good view of the glacier.

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In the afternoon I took a helicopter ride to Fox Glacier for another hike. The ride was breathtaking and we landed right on the glacier. With crampons on, we started to make our way up the face of the glacier. Climbing on ice was very difficult but so exciting! The heli-hike was my most expensive activity in New Zealand but worth every cent.

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One thought on “Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, New Zealand

  1. Filha, parabéns pela sua coragem em sobrevoar de helicóptero as geleiras. Viva a juventude! Seja feliz. Beijos da mami.

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