Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay, Australia

On our way to Coffs Harbour we stopped at the beach town of Port Macquarie. Governor Macquarie was a pretty big deal in the 1800’s because everything seems to be named after him: streets, parks, that chair in Sydney, and now this town. It’s richsy, small and cute, plus it has a boardwalk with painted rocks by the community.

Port Macquarie Walk

Port Macquarie Walk

In Coffs Harbour we stayed at a surf village (“Mojo’s”) where people go to learn to surf and work there in exchange for room and board. Everybody was gorgeous, blond, and tan. That night we sat by the campfire and drank a little, but instead of Jack Johnson, pop tunes and beer pong were going on for the 20-year olds in the group, so I didn’t have such a chill time as I was expecting at a surf village. Nonetheless, the next morning was fun trying to surf. All the instructors were very very very hot and super helpful. I did try to get on my surfboard a few times, but I guess I should’ve worked on my jumping at yoga more seriously. It is very hard, but I can see why a lot of people like it, especially because of all the eye-candy around.

Next was the small bohemian town of Byron Bay. If Port Macquarie was like Carmel, Byron Bay was like Santa Cruz. There were tons of healthy and alternative restaurants and that’s where I ventured. I just kept going from one place to the next on main street, trying different treats, like a roasted vegetable gluten-free quiche and a passion fruit and apricot gluten-free muffin.

Meal from "Fundies"

Meal from “Fundies”

Byron Bay is also the most eastern point in Australia. If you go to the lighthouse, it’s a short walk to where the sign is and if you’re lucky, you can see dolphins and whales from there. Byron Bay is very popular with surfers and the sandy beach is long with a couple of lookouts that blend with the rocks.


Besides eating at the different cafes, reading, and jogging by the beach, I also decided to be a bit social and joined the group for an outing. The first stop was at the “Beach Hotel” where we played musical bingo with a very excited DJ. Then off to “Cheeky Monkey’s”, where there is no choice but to dance on the tables since there is no dance floor. Oh, and get your face painted like a 5 year-old.

Face painting

Face painting

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