Running in Sydney, Australia

As always, I’m very lucky when I fly. Last year, going to Asia on a 15-hour flight, a lady asked me if I wanted to have her first class seat… This time, to Australia, I had no one seating by me, so I could spread out and sleep for a full 8 hours. I got to Sydney early but refreshed, and when I saw joggers right outside my hotel, I knew what I had to do.

Blue skies, mild temperature, mid-afternoon: my perfect running scenario. From my hotel, all I had to do was take a flight of stairs to be at the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Central Park of Sydney. On my “jogging tour” I went past the Art Gallery and St. Mary’s Cathedral, but the best part was when I reached the harbour and there it was: the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Brigde. My 1 hour run was probably only 4 miles round-trip, but there was no way I wasn’t going to stop to marvel at the view and take some pictures.

The hardest part of my day? Running on the left side of the path and passing on the right. So confusing at first, I almost ran into other joggers a few times.

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